Let us imagine some scenarios that might happen to you if you are living in a hostel. First one: you are having a fever. The first person you will approach is your roommate. Second: you instantly need money to complete a transaction. Here also, the first person to approach is your roommate. Now the last one: you couldn’t understand the topic being taught in the class or forgot the concept after coming to the hostel. Yet again, the person to approach is your roommate. The theme is that your roommate is going to be your caretaker for the next few years and adjusting with him is going to be your first thing in the to-do-list after going to your hostel.

RoommateEvery person is not the same. Some are polite, some are harsh, some are selfish, some are kind, clean or messy, introvert or extrovert or any other. And what if you find your room partner to be a messy one? Ok, changing the hostel room is an option, but what if all the rooms are occupied? You will be left with no other option but to adjust with him/her. And you can’t always express your anger or dissatisfaction, assuming that you are not a messy person too, on him being messy because of the reasons stated in the beginning. So it is important for you to be quiet and not be in his/her bad-books.

First of all, you need to be as clean as you can be. If you keep your portion of the room perfectly neat and clean, he/she is going to feel something in his mind. When your partner will see you in so much tip-top condition, he/she is bound to learn from you. A person learns from the surroundings he lives in. So be his teacher and he/she is bound to change. And if you are messy too, then after a month your room will literally look like a storeroom of a mall or something like that.

RoommateSecondly, being polite tell your partner to pick up his clothes from the ground or throw the bits of paper in the dustbin. Don’t order him, be calm. First, he will let it be and won’t lend an ear to you. Be persistent. One day or the other, he will obey you. Appreciate him then. Make him realize that you want him to be neat and clean. Obviously, no one wants to be rude with friends. Your partner understands it too and will do something or the other to make you happy and satisfied.

Last but not least, why not lend your hand to make his part of the room clean? Make out some free time to clean his bed and table. When he/she will watch you cleaning his portion, he will obviously feel embarrassed. Your roommate is bound to get up and help you. No one can sit idle being in that situation. Now, as you know the secret, apply it and see your partner transform. And what about a clean room as a reward? Wait for 3 weeks and you will see the difference. As it generally requires about 21 days to set a habit!