It was a snoozing Sunday morning when something abruptly woke me up from my sleep. I thought I heard two quite knocks on my front door but was too groggy to act upon my judgment. I waited for another few minutes and decided to check on as I also heard people talking in a hushed tone in the hallway. A middle-aged women wearing a golden – black suit was curiously looking up at me, seemed like she wanted to know something as she stepped forward once I was out. “Hey! My daughter has just graduated from high school and is here with me looking for colleges. Can I ask you something?” Her voice faded as I went into my thoughts remembering how few other parents came last week inquiring the same. Hoping to find the perfect college that’ll enrich their child’s knowledge.

As the end of another year is not so far and students all over the country are preparing for their final exams, a lot of their parents tend to come around this time to take in the atmosphere of the campus. The lady was still looking at me with a questioning look as I continued staring through her. “Yes, Ma’am! What can I help you with?” I replied in my morning voice, which I was not very proud of. “What is the food like in LPU?” I was suddenly hit by my manners and asked her to come inside my room (which is another thing that I’m not proud of) and offered her a glass of water. As she was looking at my walls plastered with punk/rock music and scary movie posters, I recalled what all I had that week and explained her the various food menus we have here. Here’s what I told her about my food schedule for a week.

'Coffee and Crumpets' - Food and Flavours In LPU

Each hostel in LPU has its own dining hall, facilitated with the mess service that offers food service from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm. Other than the mess, there are food kiosks available all around the campus where you can eat all sorts of cuisines at affordable rates. If you’re opting for the mess, it’s an in-house facility for which you will be paying the charges at the beginning of your year and then every year. The hostel menu offers a different combination of breakfast, lunch and dinner every day with evening tea and snacks. The food is classic Indian menu with parathas, pasta, poha or dahlia in the breakfast, roti/rice served with seasonal vegetables and dal/raita in the lunch and for dinner, they have the same as lunch with a sweet dessert which is usually ice – cream, kheer or barfi. The evening snacks include bread pakora, samosa, patties, noodles or pav with soya chunks. It’s an all healthy menu that anyone can opt and take their supper at the given timings.

'Coffee and Crumpets' - Food and Flavours In LPU

'Coffee and Crumpets' - Food and Flavours In LPU

If you’re like me by which I mean to say who thinks this kind of food is boring and would prefer to eat by their own choice/timing you should go for the kiosks/outlets that can serve you dishes ranging from Chinese, South Indian, burgers, shakes and even the classic menu with a twist of taste. It’s a little bit costly than the mess but with proper planning and control over your cravings for extra cheese fries, you can have the best meals. You’ll probably be knowing right now that I’m slightly partial with eating outside but trust me, I’ve experienced both the sides. Here’s what I had this week at LPU.

P.S I make most of my meals myself.

Workdays (Monday – Friday)


Coffee (that I make myself everyday)

Cheese sandwich/ bread with mayo/oats/muesli/pancakes

A handful of dried nuts/fruits


A glass of iced tea or lemonade

Rice with a side dish or pasta/burger/fries/salad


Coffee again with snack food such as patties/samosa/chaat/momos

If healthy, it can be a cereal bar, milk and fruit salad or fruit juice


Any seasonal vegetable with curry or simply fried with chapatti/naan

Some days I prefer the Chinese menu like Manchurian, honey chilly or noodles

Tip: You can order from SabStore – the online food delivery service from any kiosk in the university from 10 am to 10 pm.

Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

To be honest, I go out with my friends for an exotic dinner in the city and spend late nights munching on street food. It’s better if you are a non vegetarian and craving some protein. I usually catch a movie, order a large buffet for dinner and enjoy 24/7 thru food on weekends.

With such diverse populace of students, LPU offers every variety of food at amazing prices that delights the taste buds without hitting the pockets.

An insider tip, ask for student and online discounts on your food and you’ll save more bucks. Also, try to make your breakfast by yourself as it’ll be much healthier and easily accessible in the morning.