LPU’s new session 2018-19 commenced with positive vibes and enthusiasm. With the promise of delivering the best global exposure to its students, Lovely Professional University organized an interactive session with (Prof.) Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo, who is the dean and the Vice President at the Macromedia University, Germany.

Prof. Kolo interacted with the students of the School of Journalism and Film Production. He shed light on various aspects of journalism. Being an owner of 2 PhDs and having experience in both Scientific and Social fields, he talked about globalization and its impact on societal growth. Taking examples from his own life and experiences, he also quoted that globalization and economy are interdependent on each other. He informed the students about education in Germany and how students can benefit from the number of facilities that are offered at the German Universities. His words were motivating and inspiring for all the students who were keen to learn from him. Prof. Kolo has acquired PhD at Particle Physics Laboratory, CERN, Geneva (Switzerland). He has another PhD in Social Anthropology. He started his journey as a professor at Macromedia University in 2007. He also has experience in providing business consultancy services to various companies. He is, in fact, running his own consulting company, known as, Future Directions.

Macromedia University is among the top universities in Germany in the field of Communication and Journalism. It has been ranked among top colleges in the ranking by CHE Centre for Higher Education, Germany. The university offers courses in Journalism, Design, Communication, and Fashion. The interaction with Dr. Dr. Catulus Kolo proved to be very beneficial for the journalism students of LPU. The words of wisdom shared by Prof. Kolo were inspiring for the students and in fact, many people from around the world take an inspiration from his work in different fields.