“Failure will never overtake me in my determination to succeed.”

When I joined the university, I was unsure of my abilities, but I had only one motto that whatever I will do, I will add energy to it. Since then, in failure or success, in mistakes or learnings, I always added extra enthusiasm and passion and that’s what became my strength.


      I am Ch. Venkatappala Naidu; I’m pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering at Lovely Professional University. In my first year at the university, I was a very self-centered person, busy with all academics and classes. Then, the university organized its annual fest, Youth Vibe 2K15, and it turned a new page in my life. The character of a fully extrovert person was impressed within me with no mutism remaining in me. I learned teamwork, time management, good principles, smart work and also got the confidence to interact effectively with different people and seniors.

I worked part-time in two departments of Lovely Professional University: Division of Distance Education and Department of Research and Development. Besides these part-time jobs, I also handled numerous tasks as a student coordinator in various departments of the university. Being a Student Coordinator of Department of Youth Capital at LPU, I organized cultural, technical, lifestyle, sports, literary and social events. As a student Coordinator in the Department of Cultural Affairs, I took part in events like One India and One world which showcase the harmony and legacy of distinct cultures. As a Student Coordinator in Student Entertainment and Event Management Cell with my teammates, I organized mega events which taught me the experience of handling a large crowd and working under pressure. Last but not least, I also worked as a Student Coordinator in the Student Organization Cell which taught me Time Management and Team Framing.

I have always dreamt to become an Army Officer just like my father who is my role model and my mother has always been my constant motivation. They and their happiness mean everything to me and I am thankful to them for all they have done and are doing for me. I also want to give my sincere thanks to all my teachers and mentors at the university – Jiteswar Sir, Sushanth Sir, Kuldeep Sir, Balpreet Sir, Abhinav Sir ,Chetan Sir, Goutam Sir, Nithin Sir, Mohit Sir, Manish Sir, Ruby Gill Mam,Vaishali Mam, Komal mam, Purnima Mam, Jyoti Mam for supporting me and giving me the opportunity to gain new experiences.

“Winning does not always mean coming first, it means doing better than done before”

I strongly believe if our thoughts are noble, ideas are innovative and we have the desire to work hard, then success will fall in our path.

Journey From Being Self-Centered to Mastering Team Work







Ch.Venkatappala Naidu

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