“Books are my friends, my companions. They make me laugh and cry and find meaning in life.” – Christopher Paolini

Books are perhaps mankind’s greatest invention. Since time immemorial, we have felt the need to write down our discoveries, our experiences, our feelings and our fantasies. It is this primordial need which led to the development of books. Books will never betray you. Books will never hurt you. And books will always be there for you. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to what kind of books they like and what kind of books they read. But no matter the preference, be it a novel, an encyclopedia or just comics, everyone must have that one book which they love. Books are immortal. Even if they do get burned or pillaged, they’ll remain in our memories and via us, they’ll remain in the memories of our future generations as well. But what is it that makes books so great?

  • Informative

Books are informative. The greatest way to make sure that our knowledge is preserved is to make sure that they are recorded in books. Rather than offering conclusions, books allow us to examine the situation from various perspectives which then leads us to the most plausible answer. Knowledge from centuries ago is still available to us, thanks to books.

  • Cuddle buddies

Whenever you’re feeling down, or whenever you feel like nothing’s going to work out, I suggest that you pick up a book and start reading it. As you get immersed into that book, you’ll soon forget all your problems and will soon be feeling up and happy. Trust me, books are the perfect cuddle partners. they’ll always be there for you and will always provide you an escape from this harsh reality. Most bibliophiles get so immersed in a book that they even fall asleep with it.

  • Books trigger your imagination

Books have a rare ability to trigger the imagination. Books allow our imaginations to run wild. A great book is worth being reread. And each time you read it, you understand a different aspect of that book which may have eluded your senses until then. The more you read, the more creative and imaginative you become. Reading books also helps you to write. Books provide you with a whole lot of ideas, and these ideas can serve as a motivation for you to write your own stories.

  • Books see us for what we are

Books are non-judgmental, and this might be their greatest aspect. Books don’t care who we correlate with. Books don’t care if you like the protagonist or the antagonist. Books don’t force us to follow a certain trend, or like a certain character. And this is what makes them so great. They provide us with a wide variety of choices and we get to choose whom to like and whom to hate.

  • Books are a source of self-empowerment

Books can empower us in a way that few other things can. Rather than spending loads of money on self-empowerment classes, one should just pick up a book and get into it. And there are hundreds of books just dedicated to this very purpose. “The Power of your subconscious mind” is a very good example of one such book.

We all want to escape from this reality and head over to our very own Neverland. Books act as an escape for us. They transport us to different universes and provide us with swords and maces to fend off dragons and knights. They teach us the very basics of science and show us what lies within the never-ending expanse of space.  Books are great, and at the end of the day, when all else fails, you can be sure that your book will never leave your side.