In today’s technologically advanced world, social media is something that almost every smartphone owner use. But it is not all about posting selfies and photos to get likes or followers on their accounts. As the majority of the social media account holders use the platforms to just spend their time, a small fraction uses it professionally to grow and boost their career too.

Social media has spread itself in such a way that it has also become one of the most sought-after platforms for the recruiters throughout the world. And that has increased the value of social media among the college students and corporate servants as it helps them to keep contact with the professionals and recruiters around the world and thus land in dream job they have been aspiring for. So, here we will discuss the professional use of social media and how it can be used to grow and boost our career.

Professional Use of Social Media

The activities in social media give an impression of the user in the minds of the general public. The pictures he or she posts, the posts he or she shares, the texts he or she writes, all give us an overall picture of his or her ideologies and beliefs. Whenever a candidate applies for a job, generally in the IT sector, his social media accounts are scrutinized and his activities are tracked. In this way, the recruiters can get an overall view of the mentality of the prospective employee. And in the corporate sector, professionalism is everything. You might have the skills and talents but still not get the job you aspire due to the lack of professionalism.

For having an ideal professional social media account, one should never be too much biased about something and post repeatedly, stating his or her support. It is always accepted to express the views on a specific topic, but the words should be carefully chosen not to be too aggressive about his or her views. The pictures posted should be socially acceptable to all age groups. Before sharing other’s posts, it should be properly seen that the posts are not in any means harmful for any section of the society and any age groups. Also, the majority of the posts should be concerned with the department the user is in. This will give the impression that the user is interested in the subject and follows what is going on around the world in this sector. Following these etiquettes will surely make the account look more professional.

Professional Use of Social Media

Taking use of the huge user base that the social media platforms have, companies and businesses also advertise their products and services through their own accounts. They also need to use social media professionally to be able to capture the targeted audience. The companies need to choose content carefully keeping in mind the specifications and user base of different social media platforms.

For example, a company providing services like computer software is more likely to find the targeted audience when they advertise on their LinkedIn account rather than Instagram; a company producing facial cream needs to advertise on Instagram and Facebook rather than on LinkedIn and Twitter. They also need to refrain from using words that might cause harm to the reputation of their competitors. If they do so, their reputation in the mind of the public will be surely hampered. They shouldn’t showcase their support towards a section of the society or a political group of the country through posts as it will damage their reputation. Thus, professionalism is required everywhere and the use of it in social media can provide a boost in the career of an individual or in the sales for a company.