University is the only place where innovation is defined as ideas and not any commercial products. And when we talk about LPU we know that it is always one step ahead in keeping up with the competition.

So far we have seen a number of innovations that exist on the campus considering the feature when LPU was ranked among India’s top 10 Promising Campuses for Research & Innovations. This time our ingenious vertos tried to overcome the benchmark to exhibit their technical side in the event- RC Xtreme.

RC Xtreme is supposedly a technical competition where students need to build a Remote Controlled Car (RC Car) to finish the Arena in the shortest time. The competition was organized by a student organization, already known for conducting innovative events, “ROBOTICS AND INTELLIGENT SYSTEM COMMUNITY- RISC” under the aegis of the Division of Youth Affairs in collaboration with Student Research and Project Cell, Lovely Professional University.

RC Extreme- Drag it to the Last Limit

The stunning glimpses of the “RC Xtreme- Drag it to the Last Limit” event clearly portray the tremendous amount of effort that was involved to develop a brilliantly designed electric car model from scratch and bring it to the arena to contend with other participants.

A Remote-Control Car Racing Championship: the crux of the RC Xtreme competition was to demonstrate the speed and accuracy of the model on the basis of which the winner was to be decided.

Missed out on the competition? Here is a little sneak peek: