We all like to give personal touches and a personality to the place we stay at, be it your own room back at home or our second home, which is the hostel. Other than just fairy lights and pictures of your favorite band, below are a few ways you can redecorate your hostel room.

Choose a wall

Redecorating your hostel room

To give your room a distinctive look, choose any wall of the room, and decorate it with a theme of your interest. It could have pictures of you, your family, your memorable moments, or you can hang frames with drawings, paintings, and quotes on the wall to make it look extraordinary. One happening wall can give your room a whole new aura by not appearing too crowded but classy.

Explore Art

Redecorating your hostel room

If you are an art enthusiast, you could always add quirky paintings, wall art, DIYs, etc. to give your room a colorful quality. Additionally, you can try out fancy mirrors, wallpapers, vintage, and retro posters. Also, you can put up full-size photographs by your favorite artists or yourself. Reinvent the artist inside you.

Pick a color

Redecorating your hostel room

Your favorite colors are the most comfortable option when it comes to decorating. Pick a color of your liking and synchronize the entire room in accordance. You can add a dash of your preferred color to all the things such as the clock, almirah doors, photo frames, and wallpapers, etc. that you decide to add to the room.

Replace your bedsheets

Redecorating your hostel room

A flat bed sheet will ruin the character of your room. Add tones to items such as your bed sheets, pillow covers, and drapes. You can choose from a variety of options available such as boho bed sheets, printed cushions, vintage carpets, and Morrocan rugs

Refurbish your study table

Redecorating your hostel room

Firstly, clear off all the clutter from the table. Further, you can add a table lamp for better lighting. Since the table is the place where you require concentration, pick soft and relaxing colors for whatever decoration you decide to do. Moreover, you can also add your favorite quote on the front-facing wall of your study table to get you going while you’re studying. Also, avoid crowding the place because it might distract you while you are working; keep it simple and manageable.

Now that you’ve got some ideas to renovate your room. Go ahead and make the best out of it. A lively ambiance to work and live will keep you radiant and happy. Happy Decorating!