You got it! You have done it! Finally, you have sealed the deal and managed to get a decent internship you are interested in and even better, with a company you admire and would love to work for! You complete your four-five weeks of internship and you are on the verge of getting graduated as well. So this explains your stress level. The giddiness of starting a new chapter of your life is dampened by the stress to land yourself a lucrative job. While internships are powerful platforms for a fresher to gain some work experience and build a skill set appropriate for the professional world, they are also a pool of high-potential employees for companies to hire from. Moreover, most of the companies find hiring from their interns to be frugal and worthwhile.

So, let’s check out how can you convince the company you are working for that it will be worth it to have you as a full-time employee.

Establish Your Short Term And Long Term Goals

If you don’t understand your own goals, interests, passions, areas you want to explore, and most importantly reflect on them then whatever you are doing is just a futile attempt. The transparency of your goals will help you analyze what you gain from this internship and how you can turn your interests into employable skills. The best way is to adopt a proactive approach is to align your goals with the organizational goals. In this way, you can contribute to the company’s vision to the best of your ability by manifesting a vision for yourself first.

Show Enthusiasm To Learn And Improve By Asking Questions

Even though the work, the people who have been there longer than you, and the culture everything is new and perhaps it’s gonna take a day or two to soak it all in. Don’t give up. My advice is to push yourself out of your comfort zone and show them your worth. The best way is to ask questions and be open to feedback. Not just by words but by actions show them that you are always open to learning and improving. Demonstrate that with some guidance and assistance, you will improve your mistakes and will certainly do a better job. In the end, your growth curve will be the significant deciding factor in deciding if you are capable of turning your internship into a full-time job.

Go Up And Beyond To Assert How Much You Love Working There

Be proactive. Whenever we start a new job or internship we keep a certain set of expectations from the company we are working for and vice versa. The company requires us to fulfill those expectations but what if we push ourselves a step further and stand out of the crowd. Taking initiatives, presenting solutions to the problems your company is currently facing, and executing those solutions will favor your chances of landing a full-time position. Moreover, don’t assume that your superior know how much you want this position instead express it verbally. Accentuate all the reasons you would like to continue working there and how you would contribute to the company’s growth. By doing so you will increase your chances of getting considered for the job when the application opens up.

So now you know that it doesn’t take a magic pill to turn your internship into a full-time job but a spoon full of determination, patience, and awareness.