A few months ago, LPU opened the poll for opting placement. Students from the third and fourth year have filled their choices in which most of them have opted placement. Even second-year students are preparing excellent academic projects and research papers for bagging internships at their dream companies. But you must know that apart from strong academics or extracurricular, you need to master below mentioned professional skills that will help you crack your online interviews:

1. Problem Solving

Skills for Cracking Your Online Interviews

Anyone will likely hire that person who effortlessly deals with problems in critical situations without even waiting or demanding other co-workers to get involved for support. The key concept of problem-solving is the idea of coming up with a logical solution to the critical problems of your clients and solving them quickly. Open-minded and good listeners can master this skill easily.

2. Communication skills

Skills for Cracking Your Online Interviews

Decent communication skills can give you an edge over other candidates. Student carries a misconception that communication skills mean fluency in English speaking. But communication skills are not just about speaking or writing correct English. It is not limited to expressing yourself most adequately. Communication skills teach you the use of adequate tone respective to the situation, body language, and listening skills.

3. Leadership skills

Skills for Cracking Your Interviews

A general employee focuses on completing the company’s target like others but majorly for self-popularity and promotion. But an employee with proper leadership skills focuses on growth and target completion of his whole team. It also includes future planning for projects, work distribution, deadline creation by analyzing the capability of other team members. A person with confidence, motivation, and passion is likely to get hired than someone who is working for personal growth.

4. Inquisitive attitude


Almost every industry on this planet is growing at a humungous rate. New skills, methodologies and ecosystems are being developed in each field to make the output more productive. Thus, companies keep their eye on those mindsets who acquire inquisitiveness. The quality of openness to learning can be the most fruitful skill for you. Learn to express this quality to the companies in their interview through creative and logical points. Enrolling as well as completing various academic, extracurricular and personal development courses will reflect these qualities in you.

5. Group Discussions

Skills for Cracking Your Interviews

Your performance in Group Discussions is the most important criteria for your hiring. Students usually take this lightly and thus fail in the interviews. These group discussions are not like your high school GD’s. Companies will put you in a professional situation where you must act as the problem solver and put your points in proper criteria while dealing with the opposition respectfully. All your skills – listening, analytic, communication, and leadership skills get evaluated in a single group discussion.