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starting a career in Journalism

5 important things to do before starting a career in Journalism

Not all of us are on big selfless life missions to see the world progress. I could be wrong though. Precisely for...

The Crucial Skills for Cracking Your Online Interviews

A few months ago, LPU opened the poll for opting placement. Students from the third and fourth year have filled their choices...
learning app

LPU B.Tech Student made a Learning App for CSE students

LPU CSE 2nd year student Rahul Kumar has made a learning app for the students of Computer Science Engineering named edbook. You can find...
Simple ways to help make your career transition easier

Simple Ways To Help Make Your Career Transition Easier

Every one of us wants to get our dream job after getting a degree from college or university but no one realizes that to...

Essential Skills To Master Before You Graduate

It's 2020 already, and the simple fact that: 'you don't get a job just by showing degree' is crystal clear to our youth. Thus,...
Top Qualities Employers Look For In Candidates

Top Qualities Employers Look For In Candidates

It may seem that getting a job requires only the qualities and experiences as mentioned in the eligibility criteria. However, the case is exactly...