Renowned Singer Debi Makhsoospuri and Ashok Masti staged a live concert at LPU on 31st July 2018. Their lively performance made the audience dance to their music beats. They were here to promote their upcoming Punjabi movie “Jagga Jiunda E” that is coming out on 3rd August 2018.

The show was attended by LPU students as well as staff members who enjoyed and danced to the music. This performance comes amidst the ongoing freshmen induction which is exuberant and fun in itself. The visit of the stars added to the liveliness in the campus. The concert took place in Baldev Raj Mittal Unipolis where the students watched their favorite stars perform live in front of them.

Star Cast of Punjabi Movie "Jagga Jiunda E" Enthralled LPU Students

Starring in the movie are renowned actors and singers like Daljeet Kalsi, Jackie Shroff and, Kainat Arora. The story of the movie is fantasy-based where the lead actor of the film dies a sudden death, but then his soul his later told that his death was a mistake. When he’s sent back to the Earth, he finds that his final rites had already been conducted by his family members. The movie is new in its concept and throws light on various beliefs and practices in traditional Punjab. No Punjabi movie has been made on such a concept.

Interestingly, LPU has been a platform for stars and performers to gather more support from their fans and also to promote their new launches. The wide variety of audience of students coming from different states of India becomes a perfect stop for these performers to showcase their talent and increase their fan base. In fact, a retro rock band called Nawaazish Band will also be performing at LPU and entertaining the students on 3rd August 2018. There are many more star-studded evenings yet to come at LPU!