To all the newbies, a hearty welcome to Lovely Professional University. As your senior, I’m indebted to pass on some words of wisdom on what to expect during your time here and how to make the ride smooth.

  1. The first few days of college are very important. The transition into a second home might be challenging for a few of you. For this very own purpose, the university holds Freshmen Induction – an event where you are given the chance to build your network and get to know the culture. This time is for you to get settled in and overcome the misery of leaving behind home sweet home.
  2. You must have been briefed about the attendance criteria required. Not only is attending classes important but also taking down notes of every class. If you are consistent, you will be surprised at how handy they are for end term exams.
  3. The central library lets you borrow books for a period of 7 days. There is a lesser known library in Block 13 that allows you to borrow books for a period of 3 months. Those who find note-taking strenuous are welcome to this benefit on a first come first served basis.
  4. Yes, CGPA is important. To give you a brief idea, almost all the companies that visit the campus for placement drives require students to have eligibility criteria of 60% throughout (10th, 12th, grad). Meaning you’ll have to have a CGPA of 6 or more by the time you are in 3rd year to be on the safe side.
  5. To note, the difficulty level of subjects will rise each semester. One hack to maintaining CGPA above 6 is to strategize your outcome of each semester. The first two semesters are the golden key to achieving CGPA above 9 since most of the subjects are covered in your intermediate. Therefore, you’ll get the chance of evening out your CGPA by the time you sit for placements.
  6. For any information about the ongoings in the university campus, your one go-to place is the Happenings Blog. I’d encourage you to read it daily to stay updated about opportunities, campus proceedings, student achievements, college hacks and engrossing information.
  7. As for natural calamities, earthquakes do occur. Not that there’s anything to fear, you are advised to stay alert during critical times. So, look out and gear up.