One voice, like them, to represent them

Lovely Professional University, located in the heart of the most diverse country in the world, has thousands of students having diverse expectations, stories and plans. The students are constantly motivated and guided by the faculties, their daily life needs are being taken care of by the residential officers, and their mental health is the first priority of the happiness department. 

Along with the care that the university officially provides, students need someone to approach if they have some suggestions for the betterment of the system or they have a particular requirement in any field. The students need someone “one of them’’ & “like them’’ to “represent them’’.

A selfless and empathetic leader who believes in inclusion, a dedicated team to help the leader and the students to achieve their goals, and proper coordination between different bodies are the vital ingredients for smooth functioning of any university. 

Choosing “One Voice” for the entire university may sound challenging to most of us, but LPU has been accomplishing this task smoothly. The students of the university voted for their representatives on 3rd October 2022 in online and offline mode. 

The student council has many roles and responsibilities. It’s their duty to help the students to know more about the university and solve their queries about anything related to academics or extracurriculars. It acts as a guide for the students to know various activities or facilities that the university provides, which helps them to discover the best version of themselves. 

The council is the symbol of unity among the students of LPU, dedicated to contributing their part for the benefit of the students.