Ever wondered what it takes for a student to establish a business empire like Jerry Yang (founded Yahoo), Travis Kalanick (founded Uber), Swiggy, Sriharsha Majety (founded Swiggy)? Enlightenment from wise folks, a refined idea, tons of enthusiasm, and research, initially paired with a seemingly workable plot, is what they all have in common! You might be at a place where you make the final call, or maybe you’re an “intrapreneur,” running a small venture within an organization, having a sound perception of ownership and intellectual values come handy all over.

Keeping community learning in mind, Lovely Professional University’s Division of Startup, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship organized a BOOTCAMP – SEEE 2022, where students from the School of Electrical & Electronics Engineering and SEC presented excellent ideas and pitches.

The Bootcamp is a sophisticated and dynamic session tailored to test someone’s entrepreneurial voracity and kickstart their entrepreneurial journey. Students study the fundamentals of starting a venture from the roots up, including prototype development, team development, market assessment, pitching ideas to investors, and more.

LPU's Division of Startup Innovation & Entrepreneurship organized BOOTCAMP - SEEE 2022!

The webinar started off with over 100 participants and an empowering lecture by Mr. Chandramauli Pathak, International Entrepreneurship Expert & Consultant with diverse experience with startups, micro & small business creation, extension in India, and has worked in various African, Asian countries. Following this came ingenious ideas presented by Vertos like Innovative Quick Troubleshooting using Augmented Reality (AR), Magic Eye, Spy Spider Helpdesk, and a lot more, paired with peer learning; the webinar was as informative as it could get.

LPU's Division of Startup Innovation & Entrepreneurship organized BOOTCAMP - SEEE 2022!

In 2021, the Government of India selected Lovely Professional University as a Mentor Institution for Innovation & Entrepreneurship and what better place to bring a change than to start from your own.

Trying to solve a social predicament or working for self rather than for an employer is the central assumption of why someone would like to be an entrepreneur. However, most commercial enterprises look for applicants having an “entrepreneurial style,” meaning they are self-directed and require little supervision or have heightened awareness of intellectual beliefs about their work. Such an approach happens to be one of the core skills Lovely Professional University’s trying to instill among Vertos through such events. And it’s the reason why Vertos are successful in the corporates!