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Impact of Stress on Student's Mental Health

Impact of Stress on Student’s Mental Health

The last two years have been difficult for everyone; according to the World Health Organization, the COVID-19 pandemic increased the prevalence of...
Sunshine and Melancholy

Sunshine and Melancholy

The pandemic has taken its fair share of tolls on the intellectual well-being of most people. The catastrophe has spread its tentacles...
How to Start a Talk on Mental Well-Being

How to Start a Talk on Mental Well-Being

Although we've evolved tremendously in taking mental health problems soberly, the word "mental health" still carries a taint. If it's awkwardness, fear,...
Mental Health Struggles

How to Overcome Mental Health Struggles in College!

Going to college is always exhilarating as there's a transition of a student from the juvenile phase to adulthood. But it can become overwhelming...
Mental health

We Will Eliminate The Stigma Attached To Mental Disorder!

World Health Organization estimated that mental and behavioural disorders account for about 12% of the global burden of diseases. In India, the burden of mental...