When you think of Lovely Professional University, an image of huge vegan campus with bricked buildings crawling with students pops into your head. You are not exactly wrong but LPU has more than just animated students – these quirks extend past a simple student stereotype.

These 10 most prominent quirks at LPU may surprise you:

  1. It’s all about the UMS

Quirks of LPU

With an initiative to waste zero paper, LPU has derived the UMS – University Management system that I am sure we all hate and love at the same time. It brings us every announcement and has all our timetables, results, assignments under one tab. It’s something we are all very aware of more than anything else.

  1. Events here, there and everywhere

Quirks of LPU - EVents

One thing that the university claims more than anything is the happening campus where something is always going on. With more than 50 student organizations, you’ll find events ranging from public speaking to treasure hunts, pop quizzes to late night EDM parties and the buzz is always on!

  1. Youth Vibe is a big deal

Quirks of LPU Youth Vibe

Youth Vibe is an event like no other on the LPU campus. Its university’s own annual fest that more than just Vertos but also students from every university in the country. Hyped cultural shows, contests, fashion runways and electrifying competitions it’s a signature of pride.

  1. Racism is not a tolerable act

Quirks of LPU

With an intensely diverse pool of students coming not only from different states but even different countries, there is no place for narcissist comments or racism of any kind. The morals and ethics among the individuals is something that this university is dead proud of.

  1. Music matters here more than you may think

Quirks of LPU

Music’s a big deal here. As evidence just pass by the Campus Café or the social hubs in the campus such as the UNI Centre or Sunken Stage, you’ll see performance groups all over the place. Guys strumming chords on guitars, vocalists belting out and harmonizing, musical performances on DSA stage and much more. Check the music department in DSA to get an idea of how busy we are.

  1. Coffee is everywhere

Quirks of LPU - Cafe Coffee Day

The one thing that you’ll never be able to get enough of is LPU’s coffee. More than a dozen coffee shops littered around the campus serves this piping hot liquid and if you want a contemporary touch, we have two CCD’s and one Aroma café for the luxury of it.

  1. The breakup point

Quirks of LPU - boys girls hostel

With boys and girls living in hostels separated by two designated sides of the campus, every day when the classes are over, it’s a sad reality that they have to go back in. There are several points in the campus, for example, the shed in front of GH 5, the parking lot of Journalism Department and the intersection of Block 25 where this sad observation is made every day.

  1. The journey of the Identity Card

We know a fresher when we see that they have properly tucked their IDs in their collar and caring for it like a jewel. The reality is, it starts from this and then comes the ‘back cover is broken phase’, the band is lost phase, I accidentally washed my card phase, it’s too weird to wear it phase after which you’ll find it in invisible folds of wallet, taking his last breaths.

  1. The legend of the in-disciplinary case

Remember when you used to break rules in school and had to stand in the corner of the classroom for the rest of the period. I have to tell you, rules here are implemented strictly and if anything goes wrong you’ll have one of these cases. But who said you shouldn’t be mischievous!

  1. Email game going strong

Quirks of LPU

Even before we knew the word digitalization, LPU is strong with the business as everything here works in the mail. From getting the hostel, changing your major, opting for the mess, applying for leave or submitting assignments everything is just a mail away.