The pandemic has taken its fair share of tolls on the intellectual well-being of most people. The catastrophe has spread its tentacles into almost every facet of life. Far from inflicting just biomedical mayhem, it has already affected most other areas, including the financial sector, which will inevitably linger for some time, and mental well-being, as many people have already endured. The psychological toll on those who have lost their jobs is evident. The implications on those trapped indoors may be less dramatic, but they aren’t insignificant if mental health issues have existed.

Lovely Professional University was one of the few universities already accoutered with a cadre of psychologists at the Department of Counselling & Happiness to tackle mental turmoils. The management at Lovely Professional University acknowledged the gravity of the situation and the cataclysmic magnitude of COVID-19 not going anywhere anytime soon, and they did what’s best for students. Lovely Professional University joined forces with YourDost, which is India’s largest online counseling forum. It is a secured online counseling & emotional support forum conceived to proselytize mental wellness. It allows you to anonymously choose an expert from the panel consisting of psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, life coaches, and career coaches, who might connect with you and protégé you through totally private one-on-one sessions.

Sunshine and Melancholy

“Unleashing the brain’s potential”

People who angst from depression and melancholy have beautiful memories too, but the synapses that enable memories to be reminiscenced are shattered. What we ought to do is use the brain’s fortitude to compel the retrieval of the nostalgic souvenirs, whereas if we allow ourselves a naturally blissful experience, our gloominess keeps us from considering it enticing.

Opening up and expressing your insecurities and liabilities allows you to hear them coming from a unique perspective, else than only your perspective. Implying them to someone else forces you to acknowledge what their point of view is, which means you can develop new approaches to tackle your issues simply by expressing them. Similarly, many people find that maintaining a diary or log is invaluable, and having their troubles penned down on paper helps them to be examined from a level. In certain situations, folks find that some concerns or phobias are groundless or that what they felt was a trivial enigma was nothing to be apprehensive about – this might be a rescue.

Sunshine and Melancholy

If you love enunciating on the phone and doing analysis, assisting a friend might be phenomenal. If you aren’t that sort of person, you might know somebody who is. Get assistance from others! You don’t have to be alone on this one, just like your buddy doesn’t have to stand unchaperoned in his melancholy.