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Youth Influencer Forum

LPU’s Pentaomnia organized Youth Influencers Forum 2021

LPU's student organization PentaOmnia in collaboration with Edoofa Pvt Ltd. conducted an Influential event known as “Youth Influencers Forum 2021” from 1st Apr...
Pentaomnia Cinema Festival 2020

LPU’s Student Organization announced Pentaomnia Cinema Festival 2020

How far to imagine to be a Pentaomnia star, here's Pentaomnia offering you the golden chance to fly with your wings and...
Literature Fest 2020

India’s 1st E-Literature Festival 2020 to be organized by LPU’s Pentaomnia

Literature is a skilful art which needs minded people. Here is an excellent opportunity for creative minds to peer out from behind your books....