LPU’s student organization PentaOmnia in collaboration with Edoofa Pvt Ltd. conducted an Influential event known as “Youth Influencers Forum 2021” from 1st Apr 2021 to 10th May 2021 on Lehar application. During the event, more than 120 influencers from different fields shared their experiences and struggle stories with more than 1500 youth participants. The event lasted around a month and was warmly appreciated.  

The key objective of the program was to connect with youth to develop some ethical and moral values within them. Talking in detail of the event, some of the pin-focused topics were Photography, Investing and Financial freedom, Drone technology and its benefits, automize work and how the hazardous and massive works are finished before the time, and many more innovative ideas.

Objective: To provide a platform for speakers to share valuable leading ideas in front of a small crowd to boost eliminate the fear of public speaking.
Benefits: Gain Confidence, Reduce the Fear of Public Speaking, Self-Development, Certifications.
Targeted audience: Students, Entrepreneurs.
Topics: Any topic on which the speaker is confident.
Level of speakers:  Beginner to expert.
Level of audience: Have some knowledge on the topic to engage the youth.
Learning outcomes of the event:  Art of Public speaking, Network Knowledge, hands-on experience to manage virtual events, develop leadership qualities, etc.

The event was conducted on the Leher app. Due to its feasibility to use and ease of operation for influences going live on audio/video with just a single click, Leher also supported the company by reaching out to more audiences. The event as expected reached the target, including Q&A and case study sessions.

The event was a huge success just because of the network support of various speakers and organizations, thanks to all assets of PentaOmnia, Mr Mahammad Shahid , Mr Navdeep Singh, Mr Satya Prakash Sahoo, Mr Prajjawal Pandit, Mr Shaikh Ismail, Mr Sankalp Devidas, Ms P Namratha and special thanks to Mr Chinmay Kapruan from VIT360 for providing some of the speakers for the event.

Words from speakers

Ishan Kulkarni shared, “The event helped me to share my journey and experiences being a speaker on the topic of Investing and financial freedom. I found the event memorable and delightful.” Mohit Dharnidharka said, “It was a wonderful opportunity to share my interests with others. I went through some wonderful questions and it was fun to discuss them.” Soham Kanthimathi shared, “Being a representer I enjoyed my session, and it was a nice to share my experience with sound minds.”

To learn more about Pentomnia and the organizing committee, you may visit their official sites.