How far to imagine to be a Pentaomnia star, here’s Pentaomnia offering you the golden chance to fly with your wings and achieve your dream.

Pentaomnia, a student organization at Lovely Professional University has announced Pentaomnia Cinema Festival 2020 on 27th December 2020. This festival is dedicated to international short films of all genres, aiming to find new voices and perspectives to celebrate the power of a good story. We are committed to bringing the best of nationwide cinema.

The key motto of the event: “Underrating is one of the biggest setbacks in the field of filmmaking and culture showcase, therefore intending to provide a better platform in India and across the world.”


•          Total prizes worth INR 30K+

•          Distribution and collaboration opportunities

•          Certification

•          Trophy ?

Registration: or call +91-9592333800 for prime support and registration.

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Date: 27-12-2020

Time: 09:00 AM – 07:00 PM

Venue: Srimati Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium, LPU, Phagwara, Punjab (Virtual)

Contact: +91-9592333800

Pentaomnia thanks to the best wishers of the Pentaomnia Cinema Festival 2020: 1. Pankaj Tripathi, 2. Jaideep Ahlawat, 3. Shekhar Ramesh Mishra, 4. Alok Pandey, 5. Vineet Kumar, 6. Dr. Paramjit Singh Kattu, 7. Manav Shrotriya, 8. Adham Roshdy, 9. Magda Ruiz Martinez, 10. Dhanveer Singh, 11. Sahil Tanveer, 12. Usama Jaheer khan, and 13. Shivdeep. 

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