With the prices of every commodity going up phenomenally, the need to obtain a degree that pays off is a big deal now. But the highest paying degrees, be it a Bachelor’s or a Master’s, doesn’t necessarily have to be outside your area of interest. Although, I admit that most of the top degrees with high monetary values predominantly belong to the STEM subjects as they offer the highest paying jobs and overall great return to investment ratio.

Now, according to Forbes, some of the highest paying majors or fields are: –

Petroleum Engineering

The Highest-Paid College Majors

Petroleum engineers earn a lot more money than it would seem. One of the many reasons for the very high and lucrative salary is because of the work conditions and time constraints which are quite harsh relative to the other fields. From being deep in the sea to staying away from home a lot, these engineers spend most of their lives near oil rigs. Another reason is all the cash flowing around in the petroleum industry because of the high demand for oil and gas supplies. Knowing that the petroleum industry is never going to run out of business, a lot of people tend to gravitate towards the field.

Computer Science & Engineering

The Highest-Paid College Majors

CSE/IT engineers or System Analysts both could fall under the purview of Computer Science. System analysts and Software Technicians have to oversee the working of the software used by their companies and make sure everything is running smoothly. Computer Science researchers, on the other hand, have to use their skills to come up with new ways to get tasks done digitally; they usually deal with a lot of coding and back-end development.

Human Resources

The Highest-Paid College Majors

Human resource assistants and managers generally work as an intermediate between a company and its employees. They have to handle and resolve work-related issues such as employee retention, payouts, and more.


The Highest-Paid College Majors

When it comes to marketing, a lot of areas are involved from research to product development. Companies generally hire marketing specialists to promote their products and ‘get them out there’. This activity often requires research on what’s trending and how to get people to like a product.



One of the biggest and underrated economic factors of a country’s income is education. Generally, jobs in education are very varied which can range from academic administrators to teachers. Every aspect of education has a job to offer. The highest-paid positions in this field are undoubtedly Academic Dean, Provost, Exam administrators, and senior research scientists to name a few. With the education sector growing faster than ever, you must keep in mind to invest in a good and beneficial area which also aligns with your interests and makes you feel confident about your work.

These degrees are here to stay as the best majors to make money and I can safely say that these might also be the highest paying degrees 20 years down the line.