When I wrote about the constant teasing short heighted people face, my tall friends complained that they go through all of that teasing too just in another way and wanted me to write down all their pain (rhetorical) and unite all the tall people of LPU family. It did look hilarious when it was proposed but on a second thought it did sound as a great idea after all why they should be left out. So shout out to all the tall people in the community because this one is for you.

    1. Um, Can you move? You are blocking my view

Things tall people are tired of hearing

This is one of the most common phrases heard like every day in their life. Something which they are so used to that even rolling eyes over it is not worth the energy. While watching a match, sitting in classroom, everywhere they are asked to move because they apparently block view from 5 miles above.

  1. Are your parents tall?

This question is asked as if people just cannot believe that tall height can be achieved without the hand of genes. While they do play an important role that is not the only reason why people are tall. And if the answer is yes then they are so conveniently judged about it.

  1. It must be hard wearing heels

Things tall people are tired of hearing

While having a tall height has its own issue, it is annoying to be reminded of it all the time. Yes, it does give disadvantage over heels but why should they care about who thinks they look extra tall due to heels. They are free to wear whatever footwear they like. But For some, who prefer not to wear it due to height, is like reminding an obese person that you are fat all the time.  

  1. You make me feel so short!

And that my dear friend, is because you are short and that is something I can do nothing about. You feel it because you are and walking next to me (the tall person) will only make you realize that fact more.

  1. Stand back for the picture

Things tall people are tired of hearing

With great height comes great responsibility. Which means that the glory for standing in the front row for the picture is forever gone. Every time there is a group photo or selfie you are by default sent back to stand like its your responsibility to do so.

  1. Share some height

Yeah why not? Chop off the legs right now. This statement is so amusingly said by many as if it is possible to do so. Even if they could, they wouldn’t, because they are perfectly in love with their height and have no issues being tall and wouldn’t dream of parting with it.