College is a phase of life which takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride. With new found freedom and its responsibilities, student’s life changes pretty much over the years.

Well, here are few first in students life when he/she leaves school behind and enters the college life.

First of Every College Life

Waking up LateEspecially if you are staying away from home which is usually the case. Gone are the days when you are woken up early by your parents and are forced to sleep early. Now waking up when and how is all on you.

Managing MoneyThis is the most important aspect of staying in hostel or PG. Managing your financial sources so it lasts you the whole month. At first, everyone sucks at it except for few genius super talented people. Slowly we get the hang of it, especially after getting into amazing life-death situations. (Note the sarcasm)

No Ghar ka KhanaMost of the students are used to the delicious food their mothers make at home. The food outside though, hygienic and clean is not comparable to the one at home. This fact hits home hard and you start missing the times you ate at home.

Taking care of yourself The points where things turn ridiculously hard is when you fall sick. Everything from a cut to burning high fever, you are completely on your own. Unless you come under those lucky people category who has got amazing friends who take care.

Organizing things Well, now you have nobody who will take care of your things. It is you who has to place things in their place. Organize stuff, remember whom you have given what and where you have kept what. It’s a tough world buddy!

ChoiceThis was present even when you were in school but living with parents, your choices were influenced by them (At least to some extent). Now when you are alone and have this new found freedom, a new set of friends you would want to try a lot of new things, which even include trying smoking, alcohol for the first time. At such a time, the choice is all yours.

 Hope the students reading this could relate to it. Let us know your first in college in the comment section below