Internet is really a very unique and interesting place. It’s like a whole new world where you find diverse people coming together to connect and make lasting impressions. It’s no secret that most of us sit on internet even if it’s just to pass time or sometimes even when we do not have the luxury of wasting time. If seen carefully you will notice there are distinctive different characters of people who come online and make their presence known by their very vocal activities. Here are few to recollect and smile about.

  • The Meme Sharer

Types of People We Find Online

You know you can count on this person if you are in for something sarcastic, something funny and something to uplift your mood. Why? Because this person’s timeline is filled with hilarious amount of memes which your newsfeed  proudly displays. Though it can get annoying at times you wouldn’t want to live without that integral part of internet which keeps your sanity sane.

  • The Selfie addict

Types of People We Find Online

These people can be very irritating. I mean like what do they think social media platform as. Their own personal platform where people come just to see their pictures. Well, no, it’s just out of courtesy you are in friend list otherwise no one’s got time to watch you 8 times every day.  Worst part is when you get a message to like their picture and then you wonder how many likes has that person got  genuinely.

  • The Spoilsport

These are the people who love to spoil all the fun all the time. Its like they have this odd genetic designing where as soon as they hear a good thing they automatically without invitation step in to say something which will sour everyone’s mood.

  • The Overdramatic

The word “private” or “privacy” does not exist for them at all as they like to do everything in front of audience. It can actually pass your time well if you look at their antics. You will find everything from declaration of undying love to making a big deal of getting a scratch, anything and everything about their life is right open in front of public to see.

  • The Observers

Types of People We Find Online

These are those quite, calm, reserved people who prefer to stay in the dark and notice everything happening around them. Very rarely they give their opinion unless it is asked for. You might not notice their presence or remember at all but they know everything about what everyone is  doing.