Hostel life is an interpolation of fun, tomfoolery, and ever cherishing times spent with dorm mates. Creating memories for your own self is exciting, but it’s quite a tough task, being a part of others’ memories too. That is only possible when you are there, playing some vital roles in others’ lives. Only a Dorm King or Queen stays in recollections of people. And ‘people’ does not only stand for dorm pals, it includes your hostel staff too! So here is a list of easy things you need to do, in order to establish your dorm kingdom:

  • Build Camaraderies: Making connections is the prime step to expand your empire. One does not become a dorm king or queen by laying on your bed 24/7. Go out. Explore your hostel. Connect with people. Make allies and widen your network. Maintain a friendly attitude and never ever have a superiority complex. Respect is the mother of every new alliance.Even if you show a tint of respect to someone, they start admiring you.
  • Being Humor-sapien: After a hectic day at college, everyone needs a mood refreshment. Be that source! This also does not mean that you become an overly excited electron, sharing too much energy. Just lighten up the mood with jokes or play the guitar on Sunday mornings! Make your room the venue for every gathering. Share your day’s funny episodes and listen to their happenings too. But always keep one thing in mind that, too much leg-pulling and mockery can be unpleasing to some, so know that silver lining and maintain the limits of your gag.
  • Be the first helping hand: You will always be remembered if you are the first person to offer help to someone in their hardships. If it’s in your capacity to solve an issue, do offer the remedy. And ‘helping’ doesn’t just imply cracking solutions for troubles, it also includes mental assistance. At times, your buddy may feel low, the reason could be any academic pressure or some emotional breakdown, that’s when you console and cheer them up.
  • Never Gossip: Avoid this toxic habit in the dormitory, as much as possible. You might be entertaining someone’s ears whilst gossiping about others, but it only you playing with the people’s trust. A true dorm King or Queen never backbites. Cause, in case the victim gets to know about this habit of yours, you are likely to lose your fan following. Hence, uprooting your own empire. Spread positivity, and stay faithful to your clan, and you will get loyalty in return!

Being the King and Queen of your dorm, one thing is for sure that, you will often be a reminiscent part of many stories, playing some role or the other.