Starting on December 6th, the Division of Student Welfare is hosting the Uni-Staff Cricket Tournament. Prepare yourself; it’s time to watch your favourite teachers and faculty members showcase their cricketing skills on display. It is planned that the Division of Human Resources will coordinate the event, with assistance from the Division of Student Welfare. The members of the organising committee and their staff will not be participating in any teams. The event will include 13 teams separated into four pools, with the league stage serving as the first round of the competition. The League stage will be followed by the Knockout stage, which will take place after that.


  1. The tournament would be a league-wide knockout format. As previously stated, the 13 teams are divided into four pools.
  2. League matches will be played over 15 overs, while knockout matches, as well as the championship match, will be played over 20 overs.
  3. Field constraints will be in place for 4 overs in a 15-over match, and in a 20-over match, field restrictions will be in place for 5 overs in both cases.
  4. During field restrictions, only two fielders will be permitted to enter the outer circle of the field (around a 30-yard circle). A maximum of five fielders is permitted outside the inner circle after the initial field limits have been lifted.
  5. All games are scheduled to begin at 3:00 p.m. Teams that do not report 15 minutes before the start of the match will be disqualified, and their opponents will receive a bye point (2 points, i.e., they will be declared the winners).
  6. Each bowler is limited to a maximum of three overs per match in the preliminary round and a maximum of four overs per match in the semi-finals and finals.
  7. If more than one team in a group is tied for first place with the same number of points, the run rate will be taken into consideration to determine the group champion.
Uni-Staff Cricket Season 8 Tournament


  1. The game will be conducted in accordance with the rules established by the regulatory organisation. If, for whatever reason, the match is called off prematurely, such as due to inclement weather, the match will be restarted from the same point the following day.
  2. The match will be called off if less than 10 overs are bowled in the second innings, even after utilising the second day. In the league stage, the points will be divided between both teams, and in the playoffs, the run rate will be determined, with the winning team being determined by the team with the better run rate. Run rate calculation will be as per the following: –

Net Run Rate= (Runs Scored / Balls Faced) – (Runs Conceded / Balls Bowled)

  • The decisions of the umpires on the field of play are conclusive. The tournament officials will disqualify any player who displays an unjustified disagreement with their judgement.
  • Participants who do not have a cricket kit will not be authorised to compete. Tampering with the ball is banned, and if the team is found to be tampering with the ball, the umpires have the authority to object.

The Man of the Match award will be given out only for the last match of the season (Decided by 2 Umpires and 1 Official Scorer). The running trophy will be awarded to the members of the winning team. We cordially invite all LPU students to attend and engage in the LPU’s largest cricket tournament. Your support is required for your teachers and faculty members.