Sketches are the foundation of every design work. Traditionally, designers have been illustrating down their concepts on sheets and still, many continue to do so as it is much comfortable drawing on paper. But with all technological advancements and evolution, ‘digital art’ is blooming all across the globe.  Thus, as a designer, one should stay updated with the current trends. Modern architects and designers from the field of graphics, interior design and product and industrial development, are now creating their concept sketches and blueprints directly on their phones or laptops. Hence, sending design concepts to clients is much easier now. The pros of digital sketching don’t end here, the benefits are vast. For instance, you get to play with countless colours. You can illustrate your ideas in various tones and hues. Certain sketching software has inbuilt brushes, which allows you to control the textures of your workpiece. Or you can simply create a custom brush and create your unique style. So here are some sketching software to try your skills:

  • Autodesk Sketchbook

If you are a beginner in this arena of digital artwork, totally unaware of its head and toe, Autodesk Sketchbook is a go-to software. It is free of charge and runs easily on phones and tablets. A great way to start learning digital sketching. The more you explore the app, the more you understand the interface and get comfortable. You can use your fingers or more preferably a stylus, to set your hands on the screen.

  • Procreate

Procreate for professionals! Once your hands are steady and set, you are recommended to buy this software. It has been a trendsetter in the digital market. It is best suited for tablets however, it is available in the phone version too, Procreate Pocket. Even the top industrial designers love to use it, because of its multiple features. You can play with the canvas settings, have custom brush sets, work on multilayers both clipping as well as mask layer! Import or export your work without losing its quality. Generate your colour palettes! It also has animation assistance, if you want to demonstrate a working sketch model.

  • Photoshop

Half the Earth uses Photoshop for various purposes but you can also use it to demonstrate your illustrations. Work on separate layers, various artistic filters and blurs. It is a favourable software to work with if you are comfortable operating hours on desktop and mouse. You can also play with the saturation, vibrance and sharpness of your image. And when it comes to presenting your work, Photoshop comes in handy. Photo manipulation, grid system and colour theory helps you create impressive presentations.

As a designer, your digital sketches will create a striking effect on your client as it is a representation of your thought process and aesthetic approach. And this software will surely uplift your designing process.