Yes, I know, I am late in sharing this news but as they say better late than never! Lovely Professional University has once again shown that it provides its students with a high-quality education and the chance to improve their skills. It is the result of constant placement assistance offered by LPU that our Vertos are certain to be successful in securing the most major placement chances, allowing them to make huge jumps forward in their careers.

Pratik Kumar Tiwari, a student of B.Tech CSE, and K. Harshitha, a student of B.Tech IT, have both been hired by the American technology giant VMware at a starting salary of Rs. 28 lacs.

VMWare is the leading cloud computing and virtualization software and service provider. Since its founding in 1998, the business has grown to become a major force in the technology sector, earning a reputation for reliability and creativity. The virtualization platform vSphere, which is the company’s flagship offering, enables users to run various operating systems and applications on a single server. VMware is well-positioned to continue setting the pace in the technology sector, fostering innovation, and assisting companies of all sizes to thrive in the digital era with a focus on cloud computing and digital transformation.

Our verto, Pratik is a front-end developer who has worked for businesses and as a freelancer to make websites and online apps. He has professional expertise working with ASP.NET MVC and React and specializes in JavaScript. Also, he has worked with TypeScript, PHP, and MySQL. As a self-employed front-end developer with two years of experience, Pratik has successfully completed 13 websites.

Let’s wish both vertos the best for this exciting professional journey! We are proud of you.