Dive into the world of botanical enchantment as the School of Agriculture presents its grand Chrysanthemum Flower Exhibition. This extraordinary event, graced by the esteemed Pro-Chancellor, Mrs. Rashmi Mittal, and an array of dignitaries, unfolds a mesmerizing tapestry of vibrant blooms cultivated by the dedicated sophomores.

The campus itself becomes a canvas for nature’s artistry, adorned with meticulously nurtured chrysanthemums that burst forth in a riot of colors. Each blossom tells a story of hard work, passion, and the students’ commitment to transforming their learning environment into a haven of floral brilliance.

The crowning jewel of the exhibition is a captivating flower rangoli, a testament to the students’ artistic prowess. Crafted with precision and creativity, the rangoli weaves together a kaleidoscope of hues, earning admiration from all who witness its beauty. This living artwork not only showcases the students’ dedication but also adds a touch of cultural vibrancy to the event.

Mrs. Rashmi Mittal, our distinguished Pro-Chancellor, expressed her delight at the students’ efforts, emphasizing the importance of such initiatives in fostering a creative and nurturing educational environment. She lauded the exhibition as a testament to the school’s commitment to holistic education, where students are encouraged to explore and express themselves beyond traditional academic boundaries.

As visitors stroll through the enchanting display, they are not just witnessing a floral spectacle but are also connecting with the essence of nature’s beauty. The Chrysanthemum Flower Exhibition at the School of Agriculture is more than an event; it is a celebration of growth, creativity, and the blossoming brilliance that defines the spirit of our institution. Join us in this floral journey, where each petal tells a story of dedication, passion, and the vibrant essence of learning.