United Nations Youth Community, under the aegis of Division of Student Welfare, Lovely Professional University, organized an Open House Discussion on the standard Demo Speak on February 20th,2019.

The topic of discussion was: “The Me Too Movement has made the workplace safer for women and dangerous for men” in commemoration of the International Day of Social Justice.

The demo speak mainly focused on gender sensitization and how men too can be victims of harassment and false allegations opposed to the stereotypical world telling us only women are subject to it.
The demo speak was full of excitement and included powerful deliverance of speech telling people how important it is to support the other gender.
As a call to action, UNYC also initiated the #WeStandTogether initiative to raise awareness on the Girl Up Campaign, a program of the UN Foundation that motivates girls and adolescents to stand up for themselves and each other and the UN Women’s HeForShe Campaign of inspiring men to support women empowerment and gender equality.

This initiative is a 16 days campaign from February 20th to March 8th, 2019 (International Women’s Day) and the targets are to gather 100 male commitments to the HeForShe Campaign and 100 female subscriptions to the Girl Up Campaign.
UNYC conducts demo speak atleast 2 times a month and aims at bringing people together to engage in the most recent topics going on around the world. The club members are also nurtured and encouraged to take part in a lot of literary events like MUNs and debates. UNYC isn’t just a club, it’s family.


-Medha Muppala