“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are”, is one of the famous quotes by J.K. Rowling, who conquered the hearts of children and elders alike with her creation of “Harry Potter”.

So when a team of Indian youngsters amalgamated to launch the biggest Harry Potter fan fiction project of India, the history was certain to take a new turn. Contrary to the famous saying, “Do not judge a book by its cover”, people couldn’t help but appreciate the brilliant artwork on the cover, which gave an enticing aura to the book. The cover of the book, which was released a few weeks ago was hand-crafted by Jaideep Singh, a student of Fine Arts department of Lovely Professional University (LPU). Jaideep Singh, who is a second-year Applied Arts honors student, gave the book a spine-chilling cover which led to an increase in curiosity in the minds of the people.

“The first experience is always a memorable one. You always strive for the best in your first attempt so that you can make a mark in your field. I am thankful to the faculty of the department of Fine Arts, Lovely Professional University who helped me groom my skills. With the combination of my efforts, dedication of my team and support of my friends and LPU, I am glad to present to everyone, Harry Potter and The Curse of the Lying Prophecy, which is the largest fan-fiction of Harry Potter in India, and my first professional work as a designer.” said an elated Jaideep Singh.

The concept of this amazing project was created by Navjot Singh and Deepak Dawer, two aspiring physiotherapists, and writers, who also revealed the struggles and brainstorming sessions required for the initiation of this huge project. The author of the book Tej Raval took all the people present on a trip down the lane on his experience about the journey of writing characters of Harry Potter and making them come to life.

So when the creators decided to turn Basant Restaurant into a magical world, a number of Potter heads gathered to attend the event. The official team of the book addressed the crowd about their venture named as “Harry Potter and the Curse of The Lying Prophecy”. Dr. Supreet Bindra, who is the Chief Executive Member of Punjab branch of Indian Association of Physiotherapy, was the chief guest of the event. He was impressed by their work and congratulated the team for their effort. The entire book launch program was hosted by Rushi Jain, a budding poetess, who carried the event gracefully and also interviewed the team consisting of Tej, Navjot, Deepak, and Jaideep. Along with the interview and formal launching ceremony, there was a quiz competition among the fans. The winners of this quiz were awarded special paperback versions of the book. The interactive session with the live audience was an addition to the ambiance of the evening and fans went home happy after getting free eBook copies of the book.

Codex Publishing House, the official marketing partner of the book announced the book to be free of cost and no profits have been made by the team from the project. The Curse of The Lying Prophecy’s story is to be presented in two parts while the launch of the second part of the book has not been declared officially. The book will be available online in PDF format to every enthusiastic individual who wants to tread on the paths of Harry Potter and relive their childhood memories.

The cover of the book designed by Jaideep Singh, a student at LPU.