Want to make your Friday nights more awesome? Here is a solution for when you are tired of consecutively watching movies and slouching through the usual nightmare that is your weekend. Here are a few things to make your Friday nights more interesting!

  • A bonfire or campfire in your backyard: You can organise a campfire in the park near your residence with your friends and loved ones. Call up your mates and pick out some fancy old school games. You can do karaoke or play truth or dare just like in the movies.
  • A dinner with your loved ones: Sometimes, weekends can be the only time when you get to see your loved ones. Even if they are in the same class or live in the same house as you, it’s hard to spend quality time. Make it a dinner that you will remember and cherish.
  • Sulk in your bed all day: Weekends doesn’t mean that you have to go out and party. Sometimes a subtle morning and soothing evening can be more blissful.
  • Classic Movie Marathons: Pick out a genre that you’d like to watch and indulge yourself in the classic tales of old age cinema. You will be fascinated to see how much it has changed or how much it hasn’t!
  • Pick up a DIY project: Has anything from your Pinterest board inspired you recently? Do you daydream about making those amazing DIY projects? Then this is the time to start.  
  • Go for a walk: Wander the streets, discover new places and meet interesting people. The starry sky will be your map and trust me, it’ll be the best feeling. It’s best to have someone with you to ensure safety and enjoy at the same time.