The Division of Start-Ups, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at LPU organized a day-long ‘Mentor on Road Drive’ event at Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium of the university. The keynote speaker was world acclaimed management consultant Dr Jagat Shah, CMD Global Network & Mentor on Road India & USA program. Dr Shah is also the Vice President of US-India Importers Council.

The event comprised three parts- knowledge session; pitch day; and, export market entry and growth. These sessions envisioned the promotion of the entrepreneurial ecosystem within the university.

Vice President of US-India Importers Council Dr Jagat Shah interacted with LPU Students

While sharing experiences of the success sagas of top American and other global start-ups with LPU students, Dr Jagat Shah said: “Entrepreneurs are economic soldiers of a country; they exploit opportunities, provide jobs to others, and add to national income.” Here, talking about the pandemic setback to the world, Dr Shah motivated LPU students to turn adversity into advantage instead of merely lamenting. He invoked them to nourish within “risk-taking ability” to execute ideas with wealth creation attitude, and for solving human problems. He also shared that India has unlimited opportunities for them to grab and work upon.

Talking about the wealthiest entrepreneurs, globally & nationally, Dr Shah talked about the spirit of selflessness, and shared that they keep on working for the sake of others by creating maximum possible jobs and opportunities. He quoted this notion as the “biggest charity”.

He also shared that the most challenging project of his lifetime has been in Afghanistan where he worked with 20,000 carpet weavers, 6,000 dry fruit farmers & 2,000 handicraft artisans to not only take them out of poverty but to make them into exporters with warehouses & offices in USA, Germany & India. He strongly believes that if change, in spite of having language and more constraints, can be brought about in Afghanistan, then it can be brought in any country in the world. 

Vice President of US-India Importers Council Dr Jagat Shah interacted with LPU Students

Quoting LPU as “future-ready university”, certified management consultant to 22+ countries & foreign representative of the government of Manitoba (Canada) in India, Dr  Shah also forwarded many dos and don’ts to the students. He emphasized the need for innovation in career by shifting towards self-employment. He advised students to individualize themselves by having personal websites, video CVs, LinkedIn profiles, Twitter handles for doing different things in establishing self-identity in the world.

During the Pitch Day session, LPU students talked about their 25 dream projects, individually, and asked many smart questions about the incarnation of those into successful outcomes. During the third session, Dr Shah held an open discussion with Small Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) of the region, which was attended by many SME owners.

Vice President of US-India Importers Council Dr Jagat Shah interacted with LPU Students

Prior to this, Former Principal Economic Adviser, Government of India, Mr Anand Bahl; CEO Ventures and Coordinator of Mentor on Road Programme (Punjab Chapter), Mr Ehsanul Haq; LPU’s Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Sanjay Modi; Dean Dr Sorabh Lakhanpal accorded a warm welcome to the distinguished visitor.

In fact, commonly known as ‘Mentor On Road’ Shah conducts road-shows to share his global business creating experiences. He has worked on international market & investment strategies with Indian, Canadian, American, European & Chinese companies & governments. ‘Mentor on Road’ is a not-for-profit program for economic development and promotion of international trade across the globe.