MAY 21, 2020

Human Resource Development Center, Lovely Professional University organized a virtual Management Development Program, titled ‘Embrace the Change’ on May 21, 2020. The program focused on the uncertainties and anxieties thrown up by the Covid-19 pandemic, subsequent lockdown and drastic changes in the eco system.

Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, Professor, Associate Dean & Head – Human Resource Development Center setting the context remarked that change has always been a permanent part of life but is all the more exponential today than ever before. Successfully handling change is the hallmark of a performing professional and for that the mind has to be open, receptive and willing. She welcomed the 50 participants and the resource person and wished the webinar a great success.

Picking up from the opening remarks the resource person, Mr. Sarabjit Singh Kwatra, Dy Dean HRDC began by reflecting on the immediate impact of the lockdown in professional and personal life patterns. Otherwise a seemingly challenging job to engage participants in a webinar, but the resource person did it through the carefully crafted training strategy. The program was made interactive and effective by applying a multi-dimensional approach that included self –analysis exercises, simulations, inputs, Audio Video clips, situational discussion and analysis.

The essence of the program was the three aces to ace change: Accept Assess and Act. Use the change essentially as an opportunity to develop and retune one’s competencies and attitude in the light of changed circumstances. Mr. Kwatra gave physical evidence urging participants to view setbacks as learning opportunities, build support system to tackle crisis, step out of comfort zone, anticipate change correctly, adapt with speed and act with commitment. The program highlights were the First Responder List, The Three Gift Box Dilemma, Stop-start-continue and the Opportunity seeking activities. The new normal situations were also dwelled on. The resource person could bind the participants with his affable nature, life relevant examples, powerful storytelling and down to earth approach.

The program received active participation of faculty members and heads of various units of Lovely professional University. The participants were appreciative of the efforts of Human Resource Development Center and the Subject Matter Expert in providing a very relevant topic at the most opportune moment.