Wandering the Campus – 5


This one’s from a little while ago. When I look around the campus right now, specially with the Flower Show going on, it is hard to believe that the reality looked like this, just a month ago.

When you breathe in fresh, clean air and feel the wheather changing around you as nature takes its course, it can overwhelm the senses. The smell in the air changes, the sky feels new, and the eyes perceive familar sights differently. Everything ordinary seems extraordinary and everything familiar is suddenly strange.

This was outside Block 27, on 27th January, 2017, after a night of rain. The petrichor  (thanks for adding that to my vocab, Devesh  http://happenings.lpu.in/2017/01/25/must-haves-words-in-your-vocabulary/) and the cold, moist air made for a blissfully beautiful day.

Just another happy LPU memory.