Some things might be similar to you while some may be completely unrecognized. Few things always fascinate us and the more we try to avoid it the more we get trapped. You can’t guarantee some things in life and that’s what glorifies it. There comes a situation in life where you have to choose between turning the page or else closing the whole book. Life isn’t complicated, your choices make it so because every thought you have isn’t yours. We are sad generations with happy pictures and sometimes the weight you need to lose is not on your body.

Mirrors lie, they don’t show you what’s inside and there’s a difference, some people feel the rain and others just gets wet. Many people are unsure of the things, their goals, ambition, and passion. It’s like life is just going on. If you are not loving then what are you doing? Then you are wasting your time. The saddest thing about life is that we all are balloons filled with emotions in the world full of pins. You can’t simply rely on things to someone else because even your shadow leaves you when you’ll be in the dark. In life, you don’t get what you wish you only get what you work for.

Things no longer are the same. Even your problem doesn’t stay forever. They just act like visitors, let them come and go. In simple words, if I pour my words to define the purpose of the topic is people should focus on the things that really matter. A few wander in the maze in search of a better life. Life wafture at times. When it comes to a student to describe their goal, bundles of thoughts keep squeezing them. People at times pretend to be ok, but actually, they are not, because the thing is that you can’t solve the problem with the same amount you have given birth to it.

People need to realize that, to win a game first they need to play a game. Start glorifying your life by making a move. Something is better than nothing. Everybody is in the same game, just in different levels dealing with the same hell. Never regret something in life, because life never stops teaching. Everything is better at the end and if it’s not better then it’s not the end. Others opinion doesn’t define who you are so just don’t give up on your dreams and start working for it. It takes time because everything comes to you only at the right time. Make your dream priority and worth achieving it, something a kind of adorable. It’s a funny world we live in. History never talks about failure. No one shows their defects in their mature life. People have habits of talking about others because if they would have talked about themselves, nobody would have listened. Most of the dreams die taking into consideration of what societies goanna say. To whom so ever putting glance upon my words remember that they don’t pay your bills so stop worrying about what people think about you because opinions aren’t fact.

Summing up the main objective of my concern, to have a glance so that you can think outside the box. This life is 100% your responsibility and you aren’t alone in the city of millions. Have a hunger of success towards specified goals and work for it because hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Never give up on your dreams. It’s the pain that will make you stronger. Learn to smile because not everyone values your tears.