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Watering Dead Plants

Some things might be similar to you while some may be completely unrecognized. Few things always fascinate us and the more we try to...
To my housemate, There's no need to be shocked, I would've written ' husband' but were you ? "I promise to be there by your side in sickness and in health. To hold your hand in sorrows and in happiness. To guide you and to love you" you had vowed but were you there? You took my wings and caged me . You took my dreams, my hope and my self respect. You pushed me and used me like a punching bag . I took every hit because I thought it was love . I carved my pieces so I could fit yours but you still loathed me. I craved for that love I never got . Not from my parents. Not from you. But you were the most honest person. You told me you despised me. You told me you couldn't bear to look at my face. You told me I was useless. You told me I wasn't worth it. I believed you, because I thought you were my better half but were you? I was nothing more than a maid for you . To do all the daily chores. To clean 'your' house, to take care of your parents, to make you dinner, to be there to please you when you liked, to bear all your insecurities. I always thought that there was something special about fighting for the one you love and proving them how much you loved them everyday, but you proved me wrong. You taught me the difference between real and reel. The one thing you did for me which no one else did was that you made me independent. You made me who I am today. So thank you, I never thought that I could ever go through something like this and survive. You were the best housemate I just wish you were a bit of " my husband" too. Love, Your housemate.

A Letter To My Housemate

To my housemate, There's no need to be shocked, I would've written ' husband' but were you?  "I promise to be there by your side in...