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What Goes into a Decision-Making Process?

What goes into a Decision Making Process?

Decision making is an individual approach, and it varies from person to person. Often in life, you find yourself confused between two...
Biggest Regrets Of Life

What do YOU want to do in your life?

Many people have asked you about your plans, things you want to do after graduation and so on, and you might have...
A View To The World

A View To The World

Have a quick look at our surroundings, and you will realize that life is changing at a faster rate than ever. Jobs are disappearing,...

What will they think?

This is such a question which every student comes across in his or her life. I hope that you must have also faced this...

Watering Dead Plants

Some things might be similar to you while some may be completely unrecognized. Few things always fascinate us and the more we try to...
If worried go to the flashback

The Knotty Decisions in College

A time comes in everybody’s life when they dream to be independent, wanted to fly like a bird, sets the goal for a bright...