Programming is a really versatile skill that you may leverage to achieve cool stuff that otherwise would have been a pain and might have taken hours to days to complete. It’s really convenient to unlock your car from a distance or experience the Maldives while not having to leave the comfort of your cozy bed. Programming, AI, and AR have made all of it possible; the things that were once considered sorcery are now a reality! Software rules the world, and the one who calls the shots upon software commands us. 

Over the years, artificial intelligence (AI) enables systems have gotten so much better that sooner or later, we will be seeing devices that can predict what we want to do just by having a glance at the screen. It’s called the Brain-Machine Symbiosis. And once it’s rolled out, we take all of it for granted, but there are reasons you should know that are responsible for all of the spectacular gadgets that you own right now. Maybe you should try coding? Here are a few reasons why?

(1). Gives you a better perspective on the world

Software systems are omnipresent, and having a profound apprehension of how these things work can give you an edge! Although both computing technologies and software systems are equivocal, these things mustn’t be mixed. However, they are closely intertwined. We know how to operate and navigate through a website, but we are at sixes and sevens on how these things work. Most of us have no clues on what’s encryption, algorithms, cookies, cache, etc. You might not know you can locally manipulate the content displayed on a website by altering elements using some developer tools. Anyone who knows how software systems work has better awareness and appreciation for how our unawareness can be exploited without us knowing at all.

(2). Innovation

The world is always waiting for the next big thing! Albeit it might seem like there’s an app for everything, rethink! The consumer market is hungry for new features! Who knows, you could reinvent a boring Spotify music player into something flashy!

(3). Global language

As human beings speak different languages based on their origins and upbringings, learning a new language can open up doors to global opportunities. But, you can’t master a new language every time you want to migrate to a new country! That’s not the limitation anymore, as most software beacons globally use the same old 4-5 programming languages, and if you have mastery over it! You can get the work done on your same old laptop, which you are familiar with. So coding can open up opportunities for you abroad!

(4). Jobs

Believe it or not! In a decade or so, your job might get replaced by an AI bot. And that has its own set of pros and cons. The good news is once the process gets automated, there will be fewer chances of errors, and the companies don’t have to pay out salaries every month! The bad news is if the above becomes a reality, then you might have to look for a new job! So, future-proof yourself. It’s not going to happen in a jiffy. Take your time and learn to code.