Have you ever wondered how people click great photographs on their mobile phone but when you try to do the same, you get very different results?

So, Centre for Professional Enhancement is presenting to you a Workshop on Mobile Phone Photography and Basics of Photography. Come and learn how to create great content just with your mobile phone camera or a point and shoot camera. In this workshop, we will discuss different techniques and settings which will change your photography game and also in Phone Editing. So if interested in learning something that you never knew, register your self on the given link.

There will be a Photowalk event and post that we evaluate three of your best pictures and for the top three contestants, certificates and goodies will be provided and also will be given a chance to work with Lovely Professional University holistic clubs as Photographers.

Workshop Schedule:

Workshop: 23rd April 2019  5:00 -7:00 pm.

Photowalk: 24th April 2019  5:00- 7:00 pm.

Workshop Fee:-  INR 100/-

Venue: 33-301

Steps to Register:

1) Go to shortto.com/cpeclubs

2) Click on ‘Register here for events’

3) Select ‘Workshop on Mobile phone Photography’.

4) Fill in the details and Make Payment.

Hostel Duty Leaves will be provided for all participants.