Workshop on Trichoderma Principles to Practice, a Lab-based workshop with 51 participants consisting of Faculty, Researchers and Research Scholars was an exclusive hands on experience. Dr. Ramesh Kumar Sadawarti, Workshop Advisor, Dean and Head, School of Agriculture, Lovely Professional University congratulated the participants on achieving this milestone and exhorted them to conduct, meaningful experiments that contribute toward the practical application in the field. He lauded the hosting of the event and the round-the-clock service by the Organizing Committee, conducted by the subject matter experts and the receptiveness of the participants.

Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, Professor and Dean and Convener said that this course was crafted to empower the participants with practical insights and build capacity to apply the same. The course outcomes focused on understanding the basic concepts of bio-control agents, understanding the foundations of research methodology behind it, efforts to publish in high impact academic manuscripts and identify the research problems, frame objectives and theoretical anchoring. She congratulated the co-convener Dr. Adesh Kumar, Head, Department of Plant Pathology, School of Agriculture and Program Coordinators Mr. Sarabjit Singh Kwatra, Deputy Dean, Human Resource Development Center and Dr. Prasad Rasane, Head, Training and Placements, School of Agriculture, for successfully hosting this lab based workshop.

The subject matter experts, Dr. Vipul Kumar, Assistant Professor, Dr. Meenakshi Rana, Assistant Professor and Dr. Seweta Srivastava, Assistant Professor, School of Agriculture, Lovely Professional University ably assisted by  Dr. Poonam P. Shete, Dr. Shivam Singh, Dr. Deewakar Baral, Dr. Devendra Kumar and Dr. Archana TS in creating an engaging and exploratory learning environment using practical experimental data sets for hands on experience. The outcome was a gamut of pertinent knowledge, experimenting skills and information covering the Research Journey right from the first step, delivered in a mode of Exploration, Experience and Experiment.

A lab based workshop hosted with meticulous planning, executed with precision finesse, full of researching insights, techniques and skills. The participants unanimously hailed this as the most wonderful experience ever. The workshop ended on a high note with the participants thanking the resource panel, Course Mentors and also the efforts of the Organizing Committee.


Adusumelli Akshay: I had learned about lot of technical and practical knowledge and exposure to training and practical instruments and Research paper writing helping me a lot in future.

Bharat Kumar Jadhav: I was satisfied with this workshop so there is no suggestion, I understand all my lectures teaching. From this workshop, I gained more practical knowledge which I haven’t done in our regular classes so it will help my future. So, I am thankful for all our lectures,

Thwayyiba: Very satisfied with this training programme. I learned more than what I expected. The teacher’s were really engaging and fun. I got to know so much about Trichoderma that my mind was like Trichoderma Trichoderma 24*7. I got to use all the lab equipment and it was really exciting. I felt like a scientist. I learned about preserving trichoderma, making trichoderma formulation, preparing PDB media, to make cotton plug, etc. I learned so much in these 5 days thanks to all faculties and LPU for giving me this wonderful opportunity.