Established in the year 2005, Lovely Professional University is one of the premier tech institutions in the country with a long-standing legacy of grooming the leaders of tomorrow. Their flagship four-year B.Tech. program has been consistently ranked among the elites for having one of the absolute best curriculums in the country, with an elemental emphasis on aligning student objectives with elite corporates across the globe. Despite this year’s hyper-competitive job market! Yet again, one of the Vertos has managed to pull off an insane feat of skills & abilities, bagging a job at Google LLC.

Lovely Professional University Verto, prodigy to the Department of Computer Science & Engineering Harekrishna Mahto placed at Google LLC, an American Multinational Corporation specializing in segments like AI & ML, search engine, advertising, quantum computing, etc., at a whopping super dream package of INR 64 Lakhs.

Lovely Professional University is one of India’s first private universities founded by visionary Late. Shri. Baldev Raj Mittal to turn around things in the economy and society at large. Since its inception, Lovely Professional University has perpetually strived to be an institution with a pursuit of academic excellence fostering holistic growth among its students. The hallmark of Lovely Professional University’s identity is to walk on the road less taken, breaking boundaries, and serve as a benchmark for others to follow.

Lovely Professional University USP has often been its extensive alumni network channelling opportunities for Vertos at corporate powerhouses like Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc., Also, the international opportunities that Lovely Professional University facilitates through its exchange programs at top institutions like the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Winnipeg, Aston University, etc., are straight up the best in the country. Lovely Professional University aspires to be one of India’s most innovative and socially responsible private universities by enlightening minds and creating knowledge. We are exhilarated by his achievement, and we wish him an amazing career with Google!