LPU Campus to Have a SAP Next-Gen Lab


It is LPU’s constant endeavor to associate with the best in the industry and to bring out the latest technology to be used by the teaching-learning ecosystem at the university. In the same vein LPU is joining hands with the SAP University Alliances Team to set up SAP Next-Gen Lab on the campus. SAP Next-Gen Consulting is a new strategic youth innovation service for the SAP ecosystem, provided by young bright minds in collaboration with SAP early talents, the SAP University Alliances academic network, and SAP partners. This program has the following benefits for all the stakeholders:

Benefits to the University

•       Connections to executive education on SAP’s solutions e.g. HCP, Lumira, IOT, Industry 4.0 at universities in the SAP University Alliances academic network

•       Co-innovation at the university with SAP’s solutions