·  Occasion is three-day 7th annual Art Exhibition ‘Creative Contour-2018’organized at LPU Campus
·  Art works pertaining to Charcoal Drawings, Sculpting, Posters, Prints, Sketching, Photography, Typography, Graphic Designs and others are at display
 Department of Fine Arts at Lovely Professional University is organizing its three-day 7th annual art exhibition ‘Creative Contour-2018’ at the campus. Created and designed by the university students, more than 1000 artworks in different genre are at display to enchant the on-lookers. Creations are in different forms of the art, including charcoal drawings, sculpting, clay-modeling, mural painting, sketching, ceramic designs, metal craft, print/card/poster making, photography, typography, 3D modelling, graphic designs, canvass paintings, paper–cutting/ pasting, pottery designing and more. These all have provided the greater dimensions to the exhibition than the previous ones. After display at Department’s Gallery & Studios, these artistic creations will also be displayed at different renowned places of exhibition including LPU Uni-Mall.
In fact, creative students at LPU have put in practice what they learnt in their respective classes about the genre chosen for the programme. Presenting themselves as professional artists, students have displayed their own area of expertise under unique styles.  Working like great artists of the world, students have made their innovative art pieces speak their own tale explicitly. The creativity embedded in the art forms is certain to enable students make money out of these also in the open and exhibitive markets for art-lovers.
Artist-students of the University, Isuri Dissanayke & Sathya Subhavi Ravindra (both from Sri Lanka), Andrew Lafremruvata (Mizoram), Nitesh Kushwaha (Patna), Pankaj Kainth (Chandigarh), Bipul Biswas (Tripura), Siprashi Nayak (Kuchinda Odisha) and others shared: “We toiled very much to get designs as we wanted. For this, sometimes we worked hours together forgetting all about our meals and rest hours. We are thankful to LPU faculty members who guided us how to create art in different forms depicting true underlined emotions.”