Fighting the Diabetes Mellitus Disorder that has already affected more than 450 million people worldwide, LPU research scholars have conducted ground-breaking research! PhD scholar Barinder Kaur has created a sugar-free “Ayurvedic Asava” under Associate Professor Dr. Saurabh Singh from the Ayurvedic Pharmacy department. The team took almost three years to complete this project. They have developed a product prototype and also successfully conducted trials.

Another PhD scholar Rubiya Khursheed has created a herbal solution by combining Synbiotics & curcumin. Besides, Ms. Rubiya has also shared her Patented Herbal Medicine with 15 Nobel Laureates & 6000+ Scientists in the USA during the world’s most prestigious pharmacy conference “AAPS (American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists) PharmSci 360“, held in Texas. For this important sharing, Rubiya was awarded a certificate of acknowledgment under the signatures of AAPS President Dr Dale Eric Wurster.