There are more than 6000 students in the CSE/IT department in our university and we all aspire to work on the fortune 500s and MNCs. But the question arises here is how are you go stand out of that big crowd?

And how can you increase your chance of being selected than the others? Here come the projects. Yes, your project will separate you from your peers or call them competitions.

“But what kind of project do I have to make?” This is one of the most asked questions by the coders from all over the world. And the answer to this question is not as complex as we think.

The 5 key features which every recruiter seeks in your project are:

  • Interactiveness
Dream IT Project

The first and foremost thing to consider while developing your project is to make it interactive. People should be able to communicate with your project i.e. they should be able to put data in your project in exchange for information.

  • Visuality
Dream IT Project

The second thing is to try to make visual projects. Visuality will always play a great role in your favour as we humans tend to understand more when we could see what’s going on than reading it.

So if your resume contains 5 projects then make sure at least 2 of them are visual. And for the ones who haven’t started yet, try to make WEB apps or Android apps as they consist of both the features mentioned above interactiveness and visuality.

  • Wow Factor!
Dream IT Project

“Wow that’s a really fascinating app” or “You got some skills in there” these are lines you wanna hear from the recruiter while demonstrating your project.

Your project should have a good mix of complexity and simplicity i.e. it should portray your level of skill and creativity you can offer to the company.

  • Intelligibility
Dream IT Project

The fourth feature to consider while making your project is to keep your code as intelligible as you can. Make use of single-line comments for each function that you write and multi-line comments for every class you make.

Intelligibility is going to play a major role in your project demonstration as at the end of the day when the recruiter decides whom to recommend for the next round, he’s more likely to remember the person with the more understandable project than the person project whose project was inscrutable.

  • Your Work Ethic
Dream IT Project

The last and the most important thing to remember before making a project is your work ethic.

The time you took to plan, the number of people in your team, your role in the team, the expenses, everything will be counted and asked once you show your project. So make sure to have everything planned with the deadlines noted while making it.

So those were the 5 features you might wanna sprinkle to your project recipe. Happy Coding!