Picture halls appear to be very dark to persons entering the hall until their eyes become accustomed to the darkness. It is very difficult, or impossible, for a person to locate an allocated seat when their vision is so defective and attendants in the foyer or lobby have no means of knowing the location of the seats allocated to them. In the case of live shows, the continuous unnecessary and unstructured movements of the newly entered patron for locating their seat in the dark may distract the artists performing on the stage as well.

To save them of the annoyance, a team of LPU faculty and students have developed a barcode-LED basedSeat Locator System” that will use barcodes on tickets and LED lights on the floor to guide people to their seats.

Professor Gurjot Singh Gaba along with his students Sai Krishnaa Nichenametla, Satyam Abhijeet Verma, Khushal Kumar Jain, and Parag Badala took around one year to build this system that will help navigate audiences toward their respective seats at a movie theatre or an auditorium. The invention is recently filed for protection on 13th July 2019, at Indian Patent Office.