Many of us might have heard of the very popular quote that if the world was blind how many people would you impress?

To think of it and apply it to reality, it is quite hard to comprehend the fact that this is what our lives have become! Our identity and existence are not validated unless we have our social media flooded with compliments and admirers. Our emotions and moods change in sync with the kind of approval of our dresses, pictures, and bodies get. Moreover, why do we point out our flaws and vulnerabilities? Why do not we ever ask ourselves “so what?” And for what reason don’t we wonder why is our very own self is obstructing our satisfaction?

The one super-power that we all possess is that nobody can truly be us. This is a privilege and an honor that comes with being a human being but we have turned our privileges into shameful events. We hurt and deny our own identity to fit into the rules, norms, and ideas of a perfect society. The road to acceptance is not hard when you learn and understand the fact that all your flaws sum up to be the entirety of you, whatever qualities and quirks you possess is YOU. Your body is not a liability to yourself but a beautiful reminder that you are a human being who like all others is made amazingly imperfect.

We are all funny creatures wanting to be somebody else, wanting to escape from our own selves, wanting to hide behind perfection to feed off our insecurities, wanting to be everything but ourselves. But the simplest and the complicated truth is that you will never be her or him. Because you are not her or him. You will be you; the graceful, imperfect You and nobody can change that.

In a world where everyone is stubborn to become someone, please be yourself and see how your heart blooms!