The last week of summer vacation can be nauseous, literally. If I were, to be honest right now, nausea that most of us are feeling right at this moment is less due to the beginning of another semester and but due to the ghoulish grey atmosphere surrounding the campus. The pitter-patter of raindrops, the sound of ‘slosh’ and ‘splash’ everywhere you go and that whacky smell from clothes after soaking for a few days; ugh. I’m not saying that it’s all dull and bad but the beautiful aspects of this season aren’t particularly thrilling when college students realize that their fun break is over.

Contrary to my above criticism of this entire scenario, I admit that there’s also excitement and those tingles in the stomach before resuming college. And in order to keep within this enthusiasm, we need to shoo away the influences of this weather, the fluffy blanket, those extra mugs of coffee and random nap hours. So, here’s the fool-proof guide to do the same.

Creative Ways to Beat Monsoon Blues in College

Make Your Bed First Thing in the Morning

It might not sound very relevant to what we are talking about but trust me, no one messes up a tidy bed, especially not the person who made hard efforts in the first place. If you wake up and don’t fold the sheets, you will very easily go back to sulking in bed. But once they are made, you won’t be want to sit and mush it up. It’s a good distraction as now you can sit on your table, read, study or work.

If not anything, it will at least get you off your comfort, and that matters a lot, trust me.

Turn Up your Social Game

It is a very common complaint among college students that they feel lonely during this season. This is also the outcome of staying in the room for longer than normal periods, over-sleeping and over-thinking. The best hack is to call up your buddies and if not a party, just go out for a coffee or little shopping. Simply spend time with your friends, have lunches and tea and talk about your feelings instead of bottling up and feeling isolated.

Creative Ways to Beat Monsoon Blues in College

Set the Wild Side of Yours Free

Don’t argue and admit, you want to go out and play football in the splashes of mud, you want to drench wet in the rain and then have a cup of ginger tea. You want to stay out late, watch the golden sundown and take back pakoras for an evening snack. Why are you just dreaming about these simple wishes when you can make them happen?

Go out, no matter if your alone, these are some of the best moments meant to be experienced. So, just lace up your sneakers and head out for adventures.

Eat the Right Bite

There’s nothing worse than falling sick in monsoon and it’s a mandate to keep a check on what’s on your plate. In the rainy season, students either overeat or undereat. It’s better to chew on healthy nuts and cereals for breakfast, have something grilled or baked for breakfast and keep your dinner light but nutritious. If you eat healthily, you will be able to work without any distractions and be more productive in your routine.

Creative Ways to Beat Monsoon Blues in College

Use the Downtime to Boost Your Strength

If you want to succeed, you’ll succeed no matter what the conditions are. If it’s a soggy day, plan ahead and do things that you have been stuck up on like incomplete assignments, piled-up reading, updating your resume, or just clean up your stuff. You will feel a lot better and after you’re finished, treat yourself with your favorite movie or tv show. It’s the best!

It’s funny, how a subtle change in the wind, a few drops of rain can affect our mood, behavior, and productivity. It’s the complexities of human and nature that fascinate us in the dull moments. But hey, let’s look at the bright side and get past the weather towards another amazing semester. Good Luck!